We’ve asked ourselves a question: are there any car alarm systems in USA or Europe which are at least as much featured as Pandora, or even more? And what about the prices?

We’ve performed a research and found out that one of the most popular car alarm system brand outside Russia is Viper. And we should say that it is obvious after performing Pandora and Viper compare that Russian systems are far more featured and affordable.

At first, Pandora remote controllers are more informative and convenient (and more stylish), and it is easy to verify that:

Compare remote controler Viper vs PandoraCompare remote controler Viper vs Pandora v2

Then, none of Viper systems has an integrated immobilizer with tags. Pandora increases a security level using an immobilizer relay which cuts of an engine in case of unauthorized access. You can drive a car only after Pandora detects a tag in a radio zone.

Pandora immobilizer tags easily fit in wallets or pockets:

Compare immobilazer tag Viper vs Pandora

Also Pandora uses a very small main unit – it is not much bigger than an immobilizer tag (you can see an immobilizer tag size at the photo above). You can hide a small main unit anywhere in a car, and a thief has practically no chances to find and remove it.

Compare remote controler Viper vs Pandora v4Compare remote controler Viper vs Pandora v3

The most featured system Pandora DXL 5000 NEW has no Viper analogs: this system has remote start, turbo timer, included GSM and GPS, immobilizer with tags, shock/tilt/motion sensor, one LCD two-way and one one-way controllers, 2xCAN interface, 868 MHz radio frequency, 16 security zones, etc.

A lot of modern Pandora systems feature GSM and still cost pretty affordable for every car owner, but Viper analogs with GSM cost 499$ or more. Pandora allows you to control your car via your smartphone using free app Pandora for iOS and Android, and it is totally free – you pay only according to your mobile phone provider fees. Viper offers only 60 day free trial, and there is no demo version of its app (Pandora app has a demo version, so everyone can log in and try the app before buying the system).

Compare remote controler Viper vs Pandora v5

We hope that our Pandora vs Viper compare will help you to make a correct choice and protect your car properly.

Model3305v5305 v4706v5706vSmartStart VSS5X10DX-30DX-40X-3010X-3000DXL 5000 NEW
Range (up to)1500 feet1300 feet1 mile1 mileUnlimited - GSM1,24 mile1,24 mileUnlimited - GSMUnlimited - GSMUnlimited - GSM
Encryption66 bit66 bitSuperCode*SuperCode*SuperCode*868 MHz, 256-bit key868 MHz, 256-bit key868 MHz, 256-bit key, 2,4 GHz immobilizer868 MHz, 256-bit key, 2,4 GHz immobilizer434 MHz, 128-bit key, 2,4 GHz immobilizer
Remote start-++++-++++
2-way remote++++--++++
1-way remote++++-+---+
Immobilizer with tags-------+++
Positioning via LBS-------++-
Fuel level control-------+++
Amount of auxiliary channels2444-413111111
Shock sensor++-+++++++
Motion sensor-----+++++
Tilt sensor-----+++++

*We don’t know exactly what is a “SuperCode” and what frequency and encryption keys does it use, because there is no information about it on Viper website.

Preuzeto sa – https://www.pandoracaralarm.com/

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